Hearty Cofo Superfood Buckwheat Cereal

Hearty Cofo Buckwheat Hot Cereal


cup water
½ cup organic cream of buckwheat hot cereal
1  tablespoon cofo
½ cup of sliced seasonal fruit (apples, pears, bananas)
½ tablespoon maple syrup or raw honey


Add 1 cup of water to a small pot. Place over high heat. When boiling, add buckwheat. Stir until all buckwheat is submerged in the water. Let boil for 1-2 minutes, then reduce heat to medium/low. Stir occasionally. Turn off heat when buckwheat kernels bloom and are soft. 

Cut seasonal fruit. Place cooked buckwheat cereal in a bowl and add fruit. Add cofo. Drizzle maple syrup or raw honey on top. 

Stir cofo, fruit and cereal. Eat and enjoy!

(Note: the buckwheat we use is Bob's Red Mill organic creamy buckwheat hot cereal. Buckwheat is not a grain but a seed and is naturally gluten-free.)

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