About Us

 We're a Team of Athletes, Outdoor Explorers, and Foodies.

Who's the team of Cofo Superfood? We're a diverse team comprised of an outdoor guide, cyclist, an ultra marathoner and a yoga instructor. We lead busy lives between work, family and athletic pursuits. We're hyper sensitive about what food we use to fuel our bodies. We created Cofo to meet the demands of our active life and strengthen our daily dietary regimen. We created Cofo out of passion. Oh yeah, we're a bootstrapped, self-funded, all-women, employee-owned team.

The Story

Cofo was originally created to help ourselves optimize performance; to build physical stamina for our weekend athletic endeavors and during the week - improve mental focus and energy for long intense work hours at a tech start-up. We realized the benefits of pure, clean superfood but didn't love swallowing 6-7 pills each day.

We had an idea; add functional performance food to our coffee and morning smoothies and do away with our supplements. Make it easy to take superfood - and enjoy our morning drink ritual - all at the same time. It was a double win!

We tested Cofo with public emergency responders and pro athletes who wanted heightened brain and body endurance during high-intensity situations.

The result is Cofo, a superfood blend formulated to optimize your physical and mental performance - that's simple to take. It's geared to help you attain everything from your daily regimen to your epic adventures. 

Our Mission & Giving Back

We're on a mission to elevate health and wellness through accessible real, pure functional superfood. There is a direct connection between a thriving natural eco-system and nutrient-dense superfood. That is why we donate 1% of sales to plant trees to sustain a nutrient-dense land. We've partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees in endangered ecosystems and areas of deforestation throughout areas of the world.